Howard Russell Hill

Welcome to my portfolio

My collection of work has been inspired by years of working in the luxury automobile industry while living in the New York Metropolitan area. Photography is not only a way to share the beauty I see in the world with others, but it allows me to connect with friends and business partners to help grow our causes.

With a focus on highlighting small businesses and partnering with local community members, I am working to build on my career while helping others and creating mutually beneficial partnerships.

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Bird Perched in front of Lower Manhattan
Penn Station Renovation exit
Close up view of a flower in black and white
Drone photography of a flower farm in Somerset, NJ
Drone photography of a flower farm in Somerset, NJ
Flower Farm in Somerset county, New Jersey
TruFades Barbershop in Richmond, VA
Whisk Bakery in Richmond VA
Water tower in Richmond VA
Lamppost in front of lower Manhattan sunrise
Freedom Tower NYC from the ground up
Hat resting on a long table at a biergarten
Financial district in Manhattan
Bleak Optimism photo by Howard Russell Hill
Close Up of an Alfa Romeo luxury car
Cherry blossoms outside a brick building in NJ
Beethoven's Veranda flower shop in New Jersey
Woven African basket with fresh tomatoes
Blue Maserati in front of the dealership
Freedom Tower and lower New York City skyline
Flatiron building in Manhattan
Musicians playing in Washington Square Park NYC
White flowers in front of the NYC skyline
Closeup of pink flower with water droplets
Shadow and light created by sunrise on a train platform


  • Local community
  • Still Life
  • Wildlife & Nature
  • Focused on my local area
  • Beautiful local architecture
  • Including details and interiors

Press & Testimonials

Great eye

I follow Howard’s work on Facebook. He has a great ability to see something interesting for its geometry and lighting and frame it for us to see it through the lens in his mind. Howard presents something that others would ignore and show us that it is worth taking a moment to observe and maybe study and ponder.

Ron Burati

Love your photography!!!

Howard’s photography is inspiring!!


5 stars

Howard, you're doing a fine job! Keep it up and you will do well!!

Don Zebrowski

Absolutely Beautiful

The pictures you take are very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to eye. You definitely have an eye for the beautiful and the exotic. I look forward to seeing much more work from your collection.


Fine photography...and a pleasure to work with!

I have had the pleasure of knowing Howard for many years...and am thrilled that he has returned to making fine art photography. Both a gentleman and a scholar, he is truly a gifted photographer. His ability to "see" the most intriguing perspective in an urban or natural environment and record it beautifully never disappoints.. As a bonus , his respectful, creative and intelligent approach is refreshing in a world where few seem to care about that aspect of business. Wishing you all the best, Howard!

SJ Williams

I have known Howard for more than five years he and I met while working at Maserati Morris County. Howard is one of the most dedicated, hard-working and innovative people I’ve had the pleasure of working with in any capacity. He’s also compassionate, kind and never misses the opportunity to help others. From the first time I met Howard, I have always been amazed by his passion for creating High quality photography. Additionally, Howard has an excellent rapport with everyone. He’s enthusiastic, humble, and honest. Howard has excellent communication skills, which helps and connect with people of all intellectual and artistic levels. I am honored to have known him and have absolutely no doubts that he will succeed in this new endeavor.

Joana Belo

Howard's Work

Simply amazing. Very impressed. Good luck with your new endeavor.

Brian Bagdan

Photo in Teleios Journal

Howard took a beautiful shot of the Manhattan skyline ("Bleak Optimism" in Teleios Journal) that we used in our journal. He has a great eye and is so easy to work with.  A pleasure to do business with.

Sissi Hopper
Memorial with NYC in the background

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